News – 14th November, 2018

Hungarian Writers at the Bratislava Book Fair

News–14th November, 2018


Hungarian Writers at the Bratislava Book Fair

Ferenc Czinki, Viktor Horváth and Benedek Totth, residents of the Visegrád Literary Residency Program participate at Bibliotéka Bratislava International Book Fair 2018

Hungarian literature made a strong appearance at the 26th international book fair in Bratislava held between 8 and 11 November 2018. The Hungarian stand and the events organised to accompany the book launches – a reading, a translators’ roundtable discussion, a walking tour and an evening of literature and music – was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Publishing Hungary Program.

Hungarian works published in Slovakian in 2018 were launched at the Bratislava Bibliotéka book fair – Ferenc Czinki’s A pozsonyi metró (The Bratislava Metro), Péter Esterzházy’s Pancreatic Diary, Lajos Grendel Selected Short Stories, Viktor Horváth’s Tankom (Tank), Kálmán Mikszáth A fekete város (The Black Town), Antal Szerb’s Journey by Moonlight and Benedek Totth’s Deadheat. The works of the three contemporary authors invited to the book fair, Ferenc Czinki, Viktor Horváth and Benedek Totth were created as part of the Visegrád Literary Residency Program in Bratislava. Ferenc Czinki led a walking tour of the of the unbuilt Bratislava metro line, and performed in the Western-style Klasszik Lasszó band in a night of music and literature. At the translators’ roundtable discussion entitled Close neighbours, distant languages, the most prominent Slovakian translators of Hungarian literature spoke, in the Berlinka Café of the Slovakian National Gallery, the European Film Award winning actor Alexandra Borbély and Slovakian actor, Robert Roth read extracts from works launched at the book fair. The book fair was held in the Incheba exhibition centre, which was also hosting the 23rd Exhibition of Pedagogical Teaching Aids. Hungary’s appearance at the Bibliotéka Book Fair this year has led the way to Hungary being invited as the guest of honour next November.


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